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MXoN: Sixty Years And A Day

60 Years and a Day The Motocross of Nations is the oldest, most prestigious race in the sport's organized history. Created shortly after the dark storm clouds of WWII, this great event has pitted nation against nation on a single Sunday afternoon since 1947. Each nation battling for national pride and the coveted Peter Chamberlain Trophy. On Sunday, September 23, 2007, the 60th annual Motocross of Nations took place in Budds Creek, Maryland. Only the second time this storied event had been held in the USA. With over 40,000 fans from all over the globe converging on the circuit to see if Team USA could beat back the world and win the race on their home soil.

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Review by Mark ‘Hollywood’ Jarecki 45Q -

MxOn: Sixty Years and a Day

MXoN is a great slick and polished production of Motocross des Nations. Starting in 1947 Motocross des Nation was born and the Country vs. Country Motocross series began. Here, you race for your country, your flag, your Queen. The stakes are mighty high all right. At least they use to be. This movie begins with a great introduction, which explains how and why it all began. There’s some great footage of the early years of Motocross des Nations with British and European bikes, (before the Jap invasion) culminating in the modern 2007 epic race at Budd‘s Creek with 250 Lites mixing it up with the 450’s. As we move from 1947 to the 1970’s, the American lust for Motocross is proven by a 12 or so year USA reign. The glory years of America’s motocross dominance.

MXoN does a good job as it should as the film and technology is all-modern. Not like many of the “vintage” films we review shot on Super 8, the reworked and digitized. As a fan and participant of the sport it’s hard for me to say I didn’t like it. I did like it, at least most of it...

As stated above, the early footage and narration was good, old shots of DeCoster and Lackey and other old school hero’s, but it moves quickly thru and up to the 2007 race at Budds Creek, which, as should be mentioned, is the 2nd time in history Motocross des Nations was held in the US. And what this flick is all about.

Carmichael is the chosen one for team USA, naturally, along with super fastie Brian Villopoto and a last minute Tim Ferry replacement of James Stewart who’s gravity check that left him injured in 2007. Ferry is fast but he’s no Stewart. The team is set and every country in the world would like to upset team USA. So what’s new?

Here’s where I lost a tiny bit of interest, the film seemed too slick like I was just watching Sunday Motocross on SPEED. The buildup is there but there’s no overwhelming on-the edge-of-your-seat-go AMERICA climax. (Like “One Chance to Win”) And MXoN seems too corporate to me.

So you’ll know, Carmichael blows the 1st Moto start, oops. Another young man on a 250 is the true hero of the day, turning faster lap times than anyone. Yes the racing is good and shot well and MXoN is indeed good but not epic in itself as it claims. In my opinion there should have been more trackside audio just letting man and machine cut a rut turning hot and fast laps where we could turn up the surround sound. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. I give MXoN 3.5 Spark Plugs as a rating.

Mark ‘Hollywood’ Jarecki 45Q

Review by Rad Randy Smith #24 -

MxOn: Sixty Years and a Day

This new flick is a wonderfully done History Lesson about the 60-year running of The Motocross of Nations (formally Motocross Des Nations). I for one have never really followed world championship Motocross. I like to watch it but I don’t have the brainpower and spare time to keep up on all of who’s who in Supercross let alone World level MX. I do remember the dominant years that Team USA was unbeatable, but that is about it.

Therefore this movie was a nice “bring me up to speed” on what has been going on since the end of World War II. Yes, that’s right, it’s been going on that long. The first race like this was in 1946 and by 1947 it was officially named The Motocross Des Nations. The beginning of the film is chalked full of old original photo’s and film, interviews, memories and so on then it quickly builds through the years when one country would dominate over another. Back then the USA team wasn’t the best and even was referred to as a novelty.

At first I was a little annoyed at the music in the film being much louder than the talking parts. In fact, I was told to turn the sound down while watching it as I would turn it up to hear the talking but that also cranked up the music. I know my old ears aren’t the best but the balance of music to vocals was off a bit in the first part of the movie. The good news is that soon changed and all was well for the remainder movie. The early black & white film footage on the other hand was very well done.

The movie moved quickly to the point where the USA started stomping butt in 1981. The USA team no matter who was on it nor where the track was located put the wax on the others clear up until 1994 when they fell all the way back to... 2nd place. Not too shabby for a formerly called Novelty Act.

Up next is a quick bit of coverage over the following years on how other Countries won and how the USA didn’t win but we don’t care about that do we? Lets move up to 2007 back on USA soil at the 30 year old track of Budds Creek. This of course is what the main focus of the film is all about and you won’t be disappointed. The producers and editors do a really nice job on educating people (like me) just how it all works. Like how many Countries try to make the cut, how the moto’s are divided up with the big and little bikes being in mixed moto’s and how that’s scored (that part right there always confused me a bit but not now) and how, if you make it, you will be one of only 111 riders to race a World Championship Race for not you, not your particular cycle brand but for “YOUR COUNTRY”. It’s the big daddy of all races and the racers get very emotional and passionate about this.

The are lots of short behind the scene mini plots and stories that are told about these guy’s and gal’s (YES, in 2007 you will see the first gal to “ever” be on a race team) but I won’t ruin the movie for you with a play-by-play, who’s who or who won what report. Just do yourself a favor and go watch this Movie. It’s well done. The track is rough and the colors are bright. You could easily be from most any Country and be proud of your homeland watching this. I wanted to go out in the garage and get my Captain America red white and blue helmet and wear it while watching but those Frito’s chips had made my hands all greasy so I stayed put. Even though I could have hit Pause on the player I didn’t want to. It’s that good.

If you love outdoor Motocross and have any kind of pride in your Country, go and get this movie now. I can tell you this, there isn’t an Iraqi, Iranian, or Afghanistan Team mentioned. With all kidding aside, I really honestly think that this film is good enough and certainly clean enough (OK, the F word is shown as F**K a few times in the foreign language bi line verbiage) that a High School History Class should show this. Why isn’t this type of History shown? You know how cool a teacher would be to show this? It’s the Olympics for motorcycles and the story needs to be told. Can you tell I liked it?

I give it 4 spark plugs as I only knocked off a a plug for the overbearing music in the beginning 1/3rd or so of the film. Other than that it’s a solid 5 spark plug film.

Randy Smith #24



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