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Submitted Race Reports

Missouri Vintage MX Race Report

Greetings Race Fans,

Let me begin by thanking Curtis Harper and crew for putting on another year of Vintage MX. I'd also like to add I hope the gentleman who took a ride in the Ambulance is OK. As we all know it could have just as easily been one of us. Get well quick comrade.

Sunday March 20th, 190 riders, 18 groups, about 35 degrees at 7:30 AM warming to maybe 60 with a cool breeze most of the day. Randy, Phil, Muck, Dave, Austin and friend, Tom Fox, Tim Carpenter, Bob Garner, Myself and Andy were all present and pitted together. What fun... Curtis did a fine job on the track this year including adding a longer up hill section, with a left and right handed downhill, slippery, off camber turn, with a muddy jump just a few feet from the bottom of the hill. (Very tricky). In practice, coming swiftly but carefully down the hill, I hear wheen, wheen, wheen, wheen!!! I knew it was Randy, his trademark signature, right behind me. (You gotta do more than that Smith to make me panic). Then Randy passed quickly never to be seen again. Anyway, before you could shift at the bottom of the hill, another small jump followed, (tricky) as we went down the usual back straightaway where 2 more 3d-4th gear jumps followed. The radius of the right handed corner after famous "step up jump" was increased, (again tricky).  Next, a new short straight, with a sharp 2nd gear lefty and another immediate jump. Then, a brutally choppy, (mandatory up on the pegs) 3d gear section leading into the older part of the racetrack. There were several other changes made which added to the overall length and technical aspect of this layout. One section might be slippery with mud, and then, at the next corner, powdery dust awaited the next rider who may be asleep at the wheel, ready to take you out. It was great. The track demanded your full attention. I think everyone liked it. Completing 2 hard laps got the arm pump going, with 3 more laps to go... Where's that white flag! Gee, I only thought I was in shape...

The race De jour was Randy Smith and Bob Garner going head to head all 5 long laps with no more than a few feet separating them at times. Randy always got a great hole shot... I think he's is the un-disputed hole shot Master. Randy and Bob split moto's I think, Randy may have been cramping up during moto two. Muck dove into the open PV expert class this year but was nursing a bad knee, get well soon Muck. Dave Wielbler did well as did Andy Lippert, first time on board his new PV Yamaha. Tim and Tom rode hard but I'm not sure of the results. From what I saw, Tim looked faster than last year, and Tom was kicking up a lot of dust on board his new 100 Yamaha.

The 125 Sportsman Intermediate class included, Phil, Myself, A fast Kawasaki and Elsinore rider, along with 3 or 4 125 experts and 2 or 3 250 intermediates I think. My Super Combat was running flawlessly. I had jetted for cold weather on Friday and it paid off. No trackside adjustments were required. When the flag dropped I found myself getting a pretty good start off the line up thru second gear, but the more experienced, faster riders beat me to the first turn. There it was dusty single file parade for half a lap. Just keeping these guys in my sights was doing something, they were surely fast. By the 3d lap Phil had passed me and my strength was gone. I backed off trying to save what I had left. Man I was sooo out of shape I thought, nobody told me these guys had been working out all winter. The main group was now leaving me behind but, on the last lap of Moto one, my sprit is renewed as I pass Phil on the hill with apparent clutch issues. I felt redemption.

Moto 2: Same story, with much tougher track conditions, fatigue, chop, ruts and dust added to the difficulty of keeping up with the new fasties. Being at the back of the group, there were times I couldn't see at all. I held on pretty good for a couple of laps but as the group left me and fatigue set in, I  backed off and stayed up on the pegs more the last lap...I felt I needed to punish myself for lack of discipline this winter. At one point early on I was a mere 4 to 5 seconds or so behind the fast Kawasaki rider but that changed quickly to 20 seconds or more. This intermediate class is going to be tough. Over all I got 3d in my first Intermediate race, only because Phil broke. Man, I have to get faster...

As the final Moto is completed, we begin the arduous but familiar task of loading up. Our boots, bikes, and number plates were splattered with mud, our faces and jerseys coated with dust, many walking impudently, already feeling the post race soreness setting in as the Missouri temperature begins to plummet. But, at the end of the day, it was all smiles, handshakes, and hugs.

Life is good.
Hollywood 45Q 


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