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Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming:
"WOW, what a ride !!!"
Motocross 70's Style

Filmed and distributed by
Chuck Clay
1485 Ocean Shore Blvd
Ormond Beach, FL 32176
Phone (304) 416-2033
$19.95 plus $3 shipping

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Each review gives a rating between 1-5 spark plugs. 1 being poor and 5 being fantastic.

Review by Randy Smith -

If you are a Vintage MX fan of the 1970's era you might want to check out "Motocross 70's Style" by Chuck Clay. I first saw his ad for this film in a recent Vintage Views newsletter that you get if you are an AHRMA Member. The ad copy reads;

"This DVD is an all new (old) action film of motocross racing in Ft. Pierce, Florida in March of 1973. This film was the Winter AMA National and Regional Races. Identified on this film are eight (8) AMA Hall of Fame Riders to include: Mark Blackwell, Roger DeCoster, John Desoto, Barry Higgins, Brad Lackey, Gunner Lindstron, Marty Tripes and 'Jammin Jimmy' Weinert. Other national riders appearing are: Billy Clements, Jimmy Ellis, Bob Grossi, Gary Hart, Mark Hartwig, Gary Jones, Pierre Karsmakers, Gaylon Mosier, Wyman Priddy, Ron Pomeroy, Mike Runyard, Gary Semics, Ron Stockman, Rick Thorwaldson and Jim West. Historical Film. Run Time 33 minutes. Up-Beat Music background."

WOW, I have to see this. It is the who's who of the early 1970's Motocross scene. I pop in the DVD and up pops the title and some lead in paragraphs about how this was originally filmed on Super 8 Film and is NOT a Documentary. Just great riding by some famous riders on a rough track. I added the 'rough track' part. This was filmed at Treasure Coast Raceway in Fort Pierce Florida and even though it was March and it was part of the Winter Series, it must have been hot that day as you see a lot of trim guys setting around with their shirts off and several gals in tight fitting shorts and low cut tops much to my enjoyment.

As the camera cruises through the pits you see the bikes, the riders, the race vans, the campers, the long hair, Moto Carrera Goggles and some good looking Chicks (did I mention that already?) Anyway it was cool to see all of that stuff just as it was when all of us were much younger. I caught myself more than once saying 'look at that'.

I recommend that you have a piece of paper and pen handy so that you can write down some of the racers names and numbers off their jerseys so you know who you are watching later in the film. As mentioned in the ad copy, this is not a documentary so there will be no voice over telling you who is who or what is going on and I kind of missed that. This film has an 'On Any Sunday' feel but I kept expecting a voice to tell me whom I was watching. As far as the ad stating 'Up-Beat Music Background' I guess I was expecting something else but what I got was somewhat of a Hillbilly Ho Down Jamboree followed by a way too long version of some type of Military song that had this annoying repetitive trumpet verse. I ended up turning the volume down and watched the rest of it in silent mode.

The film itself was well done. It amazed me to see how well the film had held up over time. The color was very good and Chuck used several different angles from several different spots on the track. Early on you are looking through the slats in a wooden fence that get you up close to the action in Slow Mode. Then there was this one section where Chuck must have turned nearly full circle while following the racers through a rough section and never loosing the focus. I think I mentioned rough before right? I tell you what, that sandy track was really rough and it made my back hurt to watch the riders get jolted back and forth and slamming down off of jumps. Remember this is March 1973 and you are watching the top riders in the U.S. riding brand spanking new models like the Honda Elsinore, Suzuki TM, Kawasaki KX, CZ's, Maico's, Bultaco's and many more. They are beating the crap out of those new bikes, no wonder it is hard to find non busted up Vintage bikes these days.

It wasn't long before the film ended too soon. It says that it is 33 minutes long and I had to look at my counter on my player to make sure that was right and it was. Most films do not have enough racing action in my opinion but besides the pit scenes, this is a race action film plain and simple. The first time I watched this film was out in my workshop with two of my race buddies that I have known since kindergarten. We were in Junior high when this film was made and the riders featured were some of our hero's from that era. It made for a great 'remember when' film. We enjoyed it. I have since watched it two more times all with the volume turned down. For $23 shipped it's a good film to watch and share with your friends and the trip down memory lane was fun.

I give this movie 3 spark plugs - RS

Review by Mark Hollywood Jarecki -

If you love Vintage MX you love all vintage MX footage but to what degree. My thoughts upon loading and watching this video were immediate. It was shot on Super 8 film at a track called Treasure Cove in Ft Pierce Florida, which was part of the 1973 AMA winter series. Over all it is shot well. The footage is nice and tight with variety of different track positions. Also the footage is surprisingly clear and easy on the eyes. And, as you would expect, it's nice to see the old bikes and apparel of the day as well. There are some shots of the pit area, riders meeting and fans. It features footage of Brad Lackey, Jimmy Weinert, Marty Tripes, Barry Higgins and Mark Blackwell. That's the good part. Now for the bad, there is no real audio, not even the sound of our beloved 2-strokes except for the very beginning. There is no narration, which is OK, but this DVD's biggest problem lies in its soundtrack. It covers, as I said, all the natural audio track and worse than that the soundtrack features Salsa, Rodeo and Bonanza type music. If you close your eyes you'll swear you're watching "Dukes of Hazard" or "Bonanza". And, it goes on and on and on and on, to the point it becomes irritating. This video is much, much better to watch with the audio turned completely off, and that's a shame. The long and the short of it; good to watch, terrible to listen to. On our scale of one spark plug, (poor) to 5 spark plugs, (Fantastic) this gets a score of 2.5 spark plugs from me.



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