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Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming:
"WOW, what a ride !!!"

Vintage Club Profile - IVORME

Indiana Vintage Off-Road Motorcycle Enthusiasts

The Indiana Vintage Off-Road Motorcycle Enthusiasts promote the restoration and off-road competitive and non-competitive operation of vintage motorcycles. The club began forming in the summer of 2006 in order to enhance existing opportunities to enjoy our sport. Our membership is primarily made up of riders who enjoyed the sport in its early years, but we also have members who are just beginners. We also offer classes for the ladies and the kids, so the entire family can come to the track and enjoy the day.

IVORME classifies motorcycles manufactured before 1975 as vintage class. These motorcycles were used by motorcyclists during the time when motocross was just becoming a popular sport in the US. (It had been a popular sport in Europe for many years prior.) In the early 70's European motorcycles dominated the sport, and the Japanese manufacturers soon realized the potential of the American off-road market. By 1974, they saw the beginnings of the fruits of their labor when Roger DeCoster won the World Motocross Championship riding a Suzuki. By this time, the Japanese had nearly flooded the off-road market with less expensive motorcycles and enjoyed a hefty share of the US off-road motorcycle market . Soon after, many of the European manufacturers were feeling the effects of the loss of market share and began to leave the business.

Post Vintage class bikes were manufactured after 1974 through 1983 and note a time when the Japanese were spending a great deal of money in research and development. Advances in suspension design were made, and technology was enabling engines with greater output to be manufactured. By this time only the strongest of the European manufacturers survived, and the Japanese motorcycles were dominating the world motocross market, and to a greater extent the American off-road market. IVORME's Vintage and Post Vintage classes give owners of bikes manufactured in this era a platform to compete.

You might say that many of the competitors in IVORME are living in the past. In fact, we are, especially when it comes to racing these beautiful off-road machines. In that spirit we strive to make our venues "vintage friendly" by eliminating BIG jumps and minimizing the extreme characteristics often found at today's modern tracks. This constantly proves to be a healthy choice both to rider and machine, helping to preserve both to compete again another day.

IVORME also has classes for off-road motorcycles manufactured after 1983, up to and including models manufactured in 2002. The last model year eligible will be determined by its classification as ineligible for AMA Amateur Modern Class competition. Bikes of this era are characterized by having disc brakes, liquid cooling, more developed engines and suspension systems, and advanced frame designs.

As a young organization, we will evaluate our class structure as we evolve, and make appropriate modifications as needed.

Although at this time our riding events calendar solely consists of VMX, future plans could include other events, such as trail rides, poker runs, hare scrambles, cross-country, and observed trials.

Some of our member's motorcycles are painstakingly restored, and show quality workmanship equal to or exceeding that of the original manufacturer. Others are in "original" condition, while most others are somewhere in between. In order to show off some of these bikes, we are considering participating in a few car-show activities this year in addition to our riding events.

If you have an off-road motorcycle that is ineligible for AMA Amateur Competition, and you want to race motocross this year, join our club. We have a nine race schedule on five different tracks in northern Indiana.

Bring your wife and kids, and enjoy a day at the track, gettin' dirty and smelling 2-strokes.




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