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Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming:
"WOW, what a ride !!!"

RestoNuts Project YZ250F!

<-- Project YZ250F rider Jesse McCrea #15 rips up the track at Bear Creek and takes 2 First Place Wins!
Jesse McCrea #15 on our YZ250F stalking Expert Class rider Tom Shaeffer #3A on a Maico 490. These two wrangled all day with each winning their respective classes. Great Racing!

"This was the best time I've had in my entire life!"
Jesse McCrea #15 -Project Rider

Greetings VMX Fans,
The 1979 YZ250F Project has been a whirlwind trip through the restoration process of a killer GP 250 Class racing machine. Our project began with a dream at the beginning of March and ended up with Twenty-something Jesse McCrea taking a 1-1 win aboard our rocket at the AHRMA Northeast opener at Allen's Farm in Lawton, PA., with much more racing to come! How much work goes into a project like this? Let's find out!


The McCrea Racing Family
and Michael McCook

We started with a YZ250F I bought last year on eBay, which 'only needed a CDI box'; well, that wasn't true (go figure). The bike itself overall wasn't too bad, but the crank, rod, bearings, piston and cylinder were shot. The frame was straight and the wheels, suspension and electrics provided the good starting point we needed. Below you'll see the process, input and build sheet from our restoration team which included Brian Fedigan, owner of MX Restorations, Bill & Jesse McCrea with MCMX Racing and Rick Doughty at Vintage Iron. Special thanks to 'Fast' Eddie Kinney for providing us with an original bore cylinder!

I hope everyone enjoys following this project as we continue to fine-tune this awesome bike and terrorize the Northeast!

1979 Yamaha YZ250

Transmission is in excellent condition.

The crankshaft had a spun bearing. Plus the crankshaft drive gear retaining nut had stripped allowing the drive gear to walk out into the outer clutch basket. The drive gear retaining nut was then welded back into place.

The cylinder is at its maximum bore and will need to be sleeved or replaced.

The Stator does not work and will need replacing.

The carb intake joint and intake boot are both dry rotted and cracked and will need replacing. The carb is worn but serviceable.

The frame is straight and in good condition. The wheels are straight and true. The Fuel tank and side panels will need replacing or restoration.

Parts needed for restoration:

Crankshaft bearings and seals
Cylinder or sleeve
Piston Kit
Clutch basket
Engine gaskets
Carb. Joint
Carb. Intake boot
Air Filter
Fork Seals
Exhaust Pipe & Silencer
Side Plastics
Fuel tank refurbished
Fuel petcock
List of parts we have as of 5/22/08
Carb. Intake boot
Air Filter
Exhaust Pipe
Side Plastics
Fuel tank refurbished
Fuel petcock
List of parts on the way as of 5/22/08
Crankshaft bearings and seals
Cylinder, std bore
Clutch basket
Engine gaskets
Carb. Joint
Fork Seals

Brian Fedigan of MX Restorations on the Project Tank

Through some trial and error a system of refinishing plastic gas tanks has been developed. Careful prep work and chemical selection has made it possible to have a more beautiful and durable finish than even a new tank. After finishing, color will not fade or change and stick on graphics will never bubble. The key to success when painting a plastic tank is to isolate the gasoline fumes. Fumes pass through the plastic and will quickly bubble paint or stickers. We use a flexible permanent inner liner that hold gas fumes and even alcohol fuel. All tanks are first thoroughly washed with acetone. After the inner liner is in the tank is sprayed with adhesion promoter, which is used for automobile flexible bumpers. Then it's coated with epoxy. Nicks and scratches can then be filled. A standard painting process follows with your desired color or design. Will it last forever? I don't know. My tanks have been done 2 years ago with no problems. They can always be redone at any time if damaged. Base cost for a tank is $300 plus shipping. Any color. This includes matching any plastic you have. Custom graphics are per hour @$45. I can then provide a paint formula for the frame so everything matches perfect if needed. The process takes about 30 days because some of the materials require a cure time. You must wait about 30 more days before applying stickers or adding fuel. Why restore an old tank? Some are not available and some originals have the manufacturer's logo and/or date codes that won't be on a repro. It also allows for personalized design and a higher quality look than dull plastic with stickers.


^#15 Jesse McCrea^
battling for the Hole-Shot


< Jesse holding the lead

Photos by: Bill & Jesse McCrea, Brian Fedigan, Michael McCook and the illustrious Siege.

Project 1979 Yamaha YZ 250 Build Sheet

McCookRacing - (Ebay) 79 YZ 250 1,100.00
OEM - (Ebay) Crank with Connecting Rod 20.00
OEM - (Ebay) Cylinder , STD Bore 160.00
OEM - (Ebay) Stator 35.00
OEM - (Ebay) Clutch Basket 40.00
OEM - (Ebay) Engine Gaskets 20.00
AllBalls crank bearing 54.95
Wiseco Piston 234M07050 155.55
Wiseco Connecting Rod Bearing B1003 15.69
OEM Head Gasket 25.50
OEM Joint, Carb 86.00
MCMX Racing Cylinder Boring 80.00
NGK Spark Plug BR9EG 6.05
NGK Spark Plug Cap LB05F 2.95
Vintage Iron Exhaust Pipe 249.95
Vintage Iron Silencer 119.95
UNI Air Filter NU-2242 26.95
Motion Pro Clutch Cable 16.50
Bridgestone M601 Tire/front 90/100-21 89.55
Bridgestone M602 Tire/rear 110/100-18 84.41
MSR Tube/front 90/100-21 15.95
MSR Tube/rear 110/100-18 17.95
WPS Gold Chain 520/108 39.95
Works Connection 1-1/2” Foot Peg Wideners 29.95
Vintage Iron Seat Cover 50.00
Vintage Iron Fork Boots 35.00
Vintage Iron Number Plates 94.95
Vintage Iron Backgrounds 20.00
Renthal Grips - Medium Compound - Half Waffle 12.95
MCMX Racing Shop Labor - 30hrs. 1,500.00
MCMX Racing Shop Supplies 30.00
MXResorations Restore Fuel Tank 420.00
  TOTAL  $4,670.65

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