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Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming:
"WOW, what a ride !!!"

Submitted Race Reports

Moberly Race Report

After some late jetting, loading and sandwich making, on Friday, September 24, my wife and I were pretty much ready to make the 330 mile trek to Moberly Missouri from Arkansas. About half way my wife asked for a pit stop. I exited and drove right into a local festival where we spent the next 30 minutes waiting in line to use the rest room. Stuff like this only happens to me. Anyway, we had been to Moberly before, and, as Andy Lippert posted, the track was perfectly groomed, deep, loamy and ready for all of us to establish new lines at will. Curtis Harper and the owners did, as usual, a fine job. At our Motel the only other Vehicle slash Family that was around was some folks traveling with a trailer loaded with 3 Llamas, 2 goats and a camel, no joke. When checking my bike and vehicle early Sunday morning I asked the guy if that was a camel in his trailer, his reply was, "yes it is, what, you didn't bring your camel?" What a funny Man, I knew I forgot something. Soon we were on our way and was at the track at 8 A.M. Randy Smith and Crew were camped and saving a huge corner for Andy and my wife and I. Fantastic. Randy and "crew" consisted of Austin, Dave and "Muck" (the new mister fast guy), and 6 or 7 bikes and a 3 wheeler, B-B-Q grill, welders, grinders and I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a lathe or boring machine tucked away somewhere in that RV of his. Later Tom Fox, Tim Carpenter and Bob Garner arrived, all Hodaka riders.

Soon it was sign up and practice, the early morning Missouri temp. was around 60 degrees which later warmed up to 80 or so. I was great to see everybody again; my last opportunity to see everybody and race was Topeka Kansas in July. Also I was a little out of condition. Hey, it happens.

My race was race 6 with Andy, Tom, and a Kawasaki rider and I think about 8 250's. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong), I got a poor start but rode hard. Andy had a Clutch issue and Tom Had something else I think and I found myself leading in my class. I was pooped by the white flag lap, did I mention this track is long...

During my break in between motos I gulped down a little Gatorade, had a BLT and a Sugar fix. Just what I needed. I felt a LOT better, however my arms weighed a ton. The bike is fine. Andy and Randy were feverishly working on Andy's clutch, Mucks chain and Dave's frozen front wheel. Moto 2, they watered the gate area just before race 6, cool. It was beginning to get a tad dusty. I got a better start but there was a lot of pressure from Andy and Tom and a lot of 250's zipping around. Andy was leading, (and he's not 100% yet) Tom was right on my butt. Anything could happen. I was tired by the 3d or 4th lap, Somehow I got around Andy, Tom right behind, All of us rode pretty hard I thought, and no one got hurt, it's a good day. Afterwards, Andy and I squished our fingers putting away the E-Z-up, said our goodbyes, and departed. What a great day though. My Super Combat ran perfectly, I was the only item that could have been better prepared. I'll leave the official finishes to Randy and I'll call it a day. I know that Muck and Randy hooked up as usual, (great racing), Dave Wielbler rode hard, Bob Garner rode like the wind and Austin did well to on his XR. I'm gonna be eating crow for teasing Chris Mincy and his 250 CZ who smoked me this time. Way to go Chris. I guess this weekend I'll make the same trek to AHRMA's National in Moberly as well, some people can't get enough... punishment, Life is good. P.S. Did anyone see Phillis, er, I mean, Phil this weekend? I bet he was trail riding or something.

Mark 45Q



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