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Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming:
"WOW, what a ride !!!"

Submitted Photos - Page 8

Photo Submissions

Rokon 340 MX 2 "Cobra"
One of only 70 ever made!
from Mike Murphy

Marc Fresco's Killer 1980 YZ125G Restoration

More from Buzzy...

Buzzy moves up a class... 

Buzzy on his 79 Rat Bike

Buzzy airing out his Suzuki KLM 125... Sweet!

PERM PROJECT - 1980 RM 125 frame with a PE 175 motor/exhaust/front
end !! ...and is super QUIET !!!

1975 Maico MC250 - Not many in this shape!
From John in Kansas

Jeff Conboy pushing a bike...?

Brian Fedigan's Rippin Mega 2

Super Hunky at the AVDRA awards banquet. Bill Ramsey and Kerry Robbins in their Team Super Hunky Jerseys

Marc Fresco
on his Totally Worked YZ250G!
Sweet Ride!

My Mamma's XT. A year in the making, all the right stuff. She Rocks!

Alan Jones poised to rip it up on
Black Betty & Company

A Tough Aussie crowd...
can you name them?

Winning at the Awesome Bear Creek Sportsman track in New York!

Kathleen Hutson age 17 on a tricked out '69 Suzuki TS250... She was kind enough to Sponsor me at the Nepean Charity Flat Track Race in Oz. What a Sweetheart! Thanks Kathleen!...and to all the Mates who made my stay a total Trip!
Photos by VMX's Ken Smith.


Imagine that you (Fred) bought that long sought after 1977 CR 250 Husky. Imagine now that you live in WV and the bike is in NJ. What to do, what to do?

First, set up a work appointment in Philly. Second, rent a Toyota Highlander on the company American Express card. Third, plan to stop in NJ on your way home from Philly and forget to tell the boss that you are taking the long way home.

Back the Highlander up the driveway and pull Husky out to the car. See that it will not fit as is. OK, out comes the tools...

Now lower the rear seat backs and cover the whole back of the car with cardboard. Toss in an old comforter saved for just this reason.

Now, throw that old clamped out Husky (do not read this Fred) on the stand and pull both wheels off. Aim for the open back hatch and throw Husky carcass into the back. Use door handles as tie down points and stuff the extra parts into every empty spot left in the back.

Feed Fred and send him off on his way.

See how simple it is to get a bike to from here to there? Anyone can do it! Just make sure you have a company AMEX card...

Aussie DirtTrack
Medical Support Team...


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